Quark Master Commentary

Here is a collection of stories I've written. I've scaled back my original archive site, which allowed other people to post and comment. Primarily because no one did, and because it had some bugs. I may rebuild it at a later date. We'll see.
Stories By Quark Master
Name Codes
1 The Island of Dr. Monroe-HTML
eBook edition
[M/tm, X-BBM*, Slavery]
+Every Gay Male Story Code except for the snuff and slash ones.
*X-BBM=eXtreme Bizarre Body Modifcation
Age Regression
Name Codes
1 The Grandson In Law AR, M/F
Name Codes
1 The Minos Project (Book 1) TF (Minotaur), TG, NC/SC, M/M, M/F, MuscGr, Lactation
Name Codes
1 Dominance

M/F, M/M, First Time 

Unfinished, but stands on it's own as a short story.

= Adult Content