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Quark Master Commentary

For those unfamilar with the effects of steroids, one common side effect is 'Bitch Tits' where men experience swelling in the nipples/breasts. The lad here had a 'minor' case.

In the other pictures, Sam and Reggie are having a little fun out back of their neighborhood bar.

Adult Series

This is actually kind of a catch all area, since all my series, and pictures are Adult.  Right now I am putting BDSM and Miscellenous images here.

The Sauna: After a Winter's Workout.

(Rated NC-17) New


Images from:  "The Island of Dr. Monroe"

(Rated NC-17)

Simon and His Toi

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Images and Video:

PleasureBoy: FanTCboy 2 FanTCman

(Rated NC-17)

Tad Character Study


Shorter Series and Stand Alone Work



Randy and Jamaal BT Love
A Bad Case of BTs Sam and Reggie
Sam and Reggie 2 Sam and Reggie 3

Randy, The Subject of Many Alien Experiments

In Fantasy

Satyrs and Satyr Transformations

In Science Fiction

Alien Anal Probes Galore

Changes I: Road Trip
(Aliens, Satyrs, Transform)

(Rated NC-17--Contains a Satyr Orgy)

The Ultimate Satyr Transformation


Changes II: Taured & Tethered  New
(Aliens, Satyrs, Transform)

(Rated NC-17--Satyrs, Centaurs Sex)

Centaur Transformation