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Quark Master Commentary

This is the continuing story of Tad and Avery.

Previously, they were captured by aliens and Tad was turned into a Satyr, who managed to escape to an alternate universe after being released in the wilderness.

Part II, Taured and Tethered, follows Avery's fate.

Since this series uses 'Subtitles' to help tell the story, it may help to go through all images in sequence.

To be continued...To see the first part of this story, go to Changes

To see backstory on some of the other Satyr's goto Satyrs

To see backstory on some of the Aliens goto SciFi

Changes II: Taured and Tethered



Changes II:  Taured & Tethered Poster Lost:  One Experimental Subject
Bait Awake
Acquired Much Better Now
Anal Probe! Mission Accomplished
Worn Out Emulsifying Biogentic Bath Time
Afternoon Delight Praising Pan's Fortune
When Will I See Him Again Pan Works In Mysterious Ways
Awakening Catalyst Insertion Preperation
Catalyst Inserted Catalyst Activation
When It's Time To Change; You've got to Rearrange! Back Breaking Work
Progress <b>ZZ Top:  </b><i>He's Got Le-eg's...Will He Know How To Use Them?<i>
Finishing Touches Facing The Changes
Rise and Shine Awoken to Changes
Subject Review Bait In Place
Hello Stud! Well Blow Me Away
Hello Down There! Going Home
Troubling Alert
Bonus Picture:  Deleted Scene