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Quark Master Commentary

This is the story of The QuarkMaster visiting one of his favorite bloggers to compare notes.

Unfortunately, The QuarkMaster discovers the web journalist is actually an EROTIC FICTION WRITER! And not a scientific blogger!

Unable to compare notes and research on his own Pleasureboy formula, The QuarkMaster uses the fake blogger as a test subject.


After further review, I am not sure if this fellow that I capture is the real FanTCMan, or just a...ahem...Poser.

I have no idea what the real FanTCMan looks like, but this is the person I caught claiming to be him.


Also note this series contains Videos and Images. I have also included snapshots from the videos.

This is because the videos are huge. So the smaller images at 1024x768 are actually snapshots from the video.

I may also put smaller IPOD compatible videos here for download.




FanTCman Posts WTF!  Who's there?
Fake Weirdos On The Internet
Flee Stop and Drop
What The? Formula?
Pleasureboy? Don't Leave Me!
Fuck Man! Pleasureboy-The Begining
Tingling Hard
Fucked Balls
Could it be? Feeling Good
Selling Golf Balls
Fuckin Nuts man Harder than Steel
Tits Man! Gotta Jack!
Fuck Yeah! Sooo Goood!
Shit Yeah! Flexgasm
Fuck! Cock of the Gods!
Oh Man! Fuck Yeah, PleasureBoy's Not All Bad!
Pleasureboy-The Next State Feels Good
Like What You See Fuck Yeah
Worship Me! Love Me, Love My Dick
Ohh man! Like Me Posin?
Show My Pecs Some Love! You Gotta Love It!
Yeah! Nutsa Swiging!
Getting Guns! Feel the Flex!
Flex! More Posing!
Fillin Out! Stretch The Guns
Rammed Washboard
Come Eat Between My Trunks Man! Fuck yeah!
Going to Flex For You! Shadows!
Going to Hit the Ceiling! Look at These Monsters!
Cum Get Your PleasureBoy! You Like?
Lift You Up Gotta Love It!
Fuckit! You Only Live Once!