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Quark Master Commentary

To date all my pure SF resolves around the aliens Grimm, Gasp and Groan, along with their slaves and experiments.
Grim and His Mac

Science Fiction Series

Changes I: Road Trip 

(Aliens, Satyrs, Transform)(Rated NC-17)

Changes I:  Road Trip


Changes II: Taured & Tethered 

(Aliens, Satyrs, Transform) (Rated NC-17)

Changes II:  Taured and Tethered

The Fattening

(Rated R)

The Fattening


Images from:  "The Island of Dr. Monroe"

(Rated NC-17)

Simon and His Toi

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The Freedga Yid Part 1 

(Rated NC-17)

Tad Character Study


Images and Video:

PleasureBoy: FanTCboy 2 FanTCman

(Rated NC-17) New

Tad Character Study


The Aliens:  Original Series





We Are Coming! The Arrival
We Have Arrived Plug it in.
DNA Merger Proceeding Subject:  Jamaal
Stage 1 Assimilation Subject:  Randy
Preparing the Subject